The TactaLoad™ stock is hands down the fastest
practical reloading application available!


With 24 years of Law Enforcement experience, 12 of those as a firearms instructor, I was frustrated with what was available for the pump shotguns we carried. The reloading systems we used were cumbersome, unreliable, difficult to teach, and even harder for my shooters to master. I needed a way for shooters to reload a shotgun without removing it from a shooting position, or without losing their sight picture. It also had to be based on gross motor movements that wouldn't get lost under stress. It needed to be ambidextrous for my left handed shooters, and easy enough to use for every size of shooter.

After years of prototyping, testing, testing and more testing with shooters from all different backgrounds and disciplines, such as active and separated military personnel, active and separated law enforcement personnel, competition shooters, hunters, recreational shooters, and even some non-shooters, the TactaLoad™ stock was born!

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Knowing this stock will likely be in the hands of our nation's finest men and women, my requirements were that it be completely reliable, safe, and, of course, fast. We hit our mark perfectly! The TactaLoad™ stock is made from the latest cutting edge composite material to withstand the rigors of daily abuse, and the internal springs are rated for hundreds of thousands of cycles. The design is such that it capitalizes on the body's natural movements, and the safety retainer ensures that ammunition is always protected.

To retrieve ammunition from the TactaLoad™ stock, you merely pull the round out and push it into either the chamber or the magazine. Because you're grabbing the round by the brass end, you can't accidentally load it backwards into the shotgun. Also, because you're grabbing it by the brass lip, wearing gloves is no longer a hindrance to reloading; it works perfectly with or without gloves on.

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Another issue I had with what was available to the pump shotgun market was practicality. Before I invented the TactaLoad™ stock, I was forever knocking shells off of my shotgun when placing it into a case or other storage device. Plus, the rounds over time would get dirty or wet. With the TactaLoad™ stock, the shells are safely protected inside the stock, cannot fall out under recoil or get accidently bumped off. When designing the stock, we chose the traditional style because it fit seamlessly into existing shotgun storage devices. The recoil pad on the TactaLoad™ stock is the same size as the industry standard size recoil pads found on shotguns today. The comb on the TactaLoad™ stock is specifically designed to fit your cheek better to minimize the common cheek slap experienced with most of today's gunstocks. During testing, I'd often get a comment from a shooter that my stock doesn't leave them with a bruised cheek, even after 100 rounds fired.


From Home Defense, to Law Enforcement, Military and the Sportsmen


I didn't want this gunstock to be exclusively for any particular shooting discipline, so I ensured that it would accept even the largest 12 gauge shells. There's a shell spacer inside the TactaLoad™ magazine that you remove if you're shooting the 3 ½ inch shells. Yes hunters, I'm talking to you! I'm also an avid bird hunter and often utilize the big shells for larger birds. The TactaLoad™ stock is perfect for bird hunters because we're often restricted by law to only three rounds inside the shotgun. I don't know about you, but when I'm hunting, three rounds go quickly when birds are in the air! With the TactaLoad™ stock, you can get a few more shots off before the birds are gone. Plus, with the TactaLoad™ stock, you don't have to remove your gloves in a freezing cold blind just to reload your shotgun. Your extra ammo will stay dry and clean inside the stock, no matter the weather conditions.
So whatever your shooting discipline is, if you want more performance out of your shotgun and need to reload fast, The Tactaload™ stock was made just for you!

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"Fastest way to reload yet!
If you have a shotgun,
you need this stock!"

Matthew - Federal Agent / Active Military

"Easy access to ammo when you need it."
Dan - Competitive Shotgun Shooter / Military Veteran

"Smooth, fast and streamlined.
Very user friendly.
Combat effective."

Mike - Police Officer / Military Veteran

"Love this stock! Extremely fast reloads
and no more dropped rounds!"
Joshua - Federal Agent / Military Veteran



● Remington 870 Models
● Mossberg 500, 535, 590, 600, 835, Maverick 88



Our retainer is specifically designed to protect ammunition from accidental impact while maintaining their position inside the magazine during recoil. The retainer is rounded to deflect external impact and incorporates a safety channel to ensure complete protection.

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To ensure the finest quality product, the TactaLoad™ gunstock is made entirely in the U.S.A. from domestically sourced materials.
TactaLoad™ has partnered with some of the finest companies in America to provide the best components available. Custom engineering, molding, materials and assembly have all been selected from domestic, U.S. based manufacturers who specialize in firearm accessories.


We will not cut any corners along the way or settle for anything but the best product it can be - the Best Shotgun Stock on the Market!

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Add us to your reloading repertoire and we'll quickly become your favorite, because we're the fastest!!

US PATENT #8327568


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